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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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P ro gram Components (Continued)

2. Demonstration Projects, This program provides financial assistance
to demonstrate exemplary approaches to providing programs of bilingual
education and to build the capacity of the grantee to maintain those pro-
grams when Federal funding is reduced or no longer available. In addition
to demonstrating exemplary practices, these projects must meet the re-
quirements that apply to the Basic Projects Program.

3* Desegregation Support Program* As discussed in the 1983 AER, the
program was targeted for phase-out through budget policy. The phase-out
was accomplished in FY 1984. Congress did not authorize funds for the
Desegregation Support Program in FY 1984.

Eligibility; Local education agencies, institutions of higher education
applying jointly with one or more local education agencies, or an ele-
mentary or secondary school operated or funded by the Bureau of Indian
Affairs or a non-profit organization or Indian tribe are eligible for the
Basic Grant and Demonstration program.


A.  Goals and Objectives:

For FY 1984, the Department's principal objectives for these programs were:

o To use the Basic Project Programs supplementary funds for programs
that included a curriculum development component.

o Through the Demonstration Projects Program, to serve the following
populations: high school students entering the job market and juve-
nile delinquents. The Demonstration Projects Program also had
funding priorities for new projects that demonstrated exemplary
approaches to the following components of a program of bilingual
education: community or parental involvement, and instructional

B.    Progress and Accomplishments:

o In FY 1984 approximately 40 programs have a component of materials
development for a total of $578,864. The monies were used to
develop curriculum materials mostly for languages that do not have
commercially available materials, especially for the Asian-American
and Native-American languages.

o The Demonstration Projects Program funded 49 projects addressing
its priorities.

C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness:

Program Costs: In FY 1984, $89,565,408 was awarded through grants to
local school districts for Basic and Demonstration Projects. For the
1983-84 school year, Title VII basic projects spent approximately $389
per enrolled limited-English-proficient (LEP) student. This amount issubject areas. The projects are intended to